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Patrick Senderayi

Patrick Senderayi

Head of Division

Experience: 22 Years

Total: 0 Lesson(s)

Email: patrick.senderayi@jmnpoly.ac.zw

Website: http://jmnpoly.ac.zw/index.php/home/our-lecturers/

Patrick Senderayi, is the current Head of Division in the Teacher Education Division at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic (Zimbabwe). He teaches Psychology and Research. He has presented several papers at various conferences and has published a book chapter. He has taken an active interest in heath related issues and has been a committee  member  of Country Coordinating Committee (CCM –Zimbabwe) representing communities outside Harare affected by HIV and AIDS and a committee member of the Mozambique Zimbabwe South Africa (MOZIZA), Malaria Initiative  seconded by the Country Coordinating Committee (CCM –Zimbabwe) to represent communities affected by malaria.  Currently,  he is a PhD candidate (Psychology) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His proposed thesis is entitled:  Personality as a predictor of job stress among teacher education lecturers in Zimbabwe. 

Degrees Held


  • BA (Unisa)
  • BSc (Hons) (ZOU),
  • MEd (MSU)

Research Interests

• Organisational and behavioural psychology 

• Educational and counseling  psychology

• Guidance and Counseling

• African psychology 


• External Examiner – Hillside Teachers’ College (2018) University of Zimbabwe:  Department of Teacher Education - Examiner in Teaching Practice.

• External Examiner – Bondolfi Teachers’ College (2010) – University of Zimbabwe:  Department of Teacher Education Examiner in Physical Education.

• Examiner – United College of Education (2014) - University of Zimbabwe:  Department of Teacher Education Examiner in Theory of Education.

• Role: Researcher - Baseline survey: Attitudes of guardians and carers of orphans and vulnerable children towards Vocational Counseling and Testing and Orphans and vulnerable children(1-9 years) taking Anti Retroviral Treatment – Research for Souls Comfort Trust, Gwanda (June 2010)

Teaching Interests

• Personality theories 

• Intelligence 

• Human learning 

• Research 

• Mixed- Methods Research Methodology

• Counselling Psychology 

Published Book Chapters 

• The “Rat experience: How the LDP transformed me into a new individual in Mbofana, W. & Mandeya, F. (Eds) (2015). Big doors swing on little hinges: Voices from the grassroots, Civic Education Network Trust:  Harare.



Accepted paper presentations

• Asset based counseling in the socio-economic transformation of student teachers and technicians at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic – Harare, International Research Conference – Zimbabwe Open University, (30-31 July 2015)


• Optimizing the employability skills of STEM graduates: Challenges and opportunities for Environmental Health Technicians at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic in Matabeleland South Province – Bandura University of Science Education, 2nd National Science and Mathematics Conference (19-21 August 2014)


• Towards promoting inclusion of students with diverse needs in Zimbabwean Primary schools: Student teachers at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo practical experiences in implementing Inclusive Education during their Teaching Practice. – Victoria Falls, African  Centre for Distance Education (ACDE) (6-9 June 2014)


• Lecturer clarity and its impact on students’ behaviour change: A case for the Health and Life Skills Education programme at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic.  University of  Zimbabwe (21-24 July 2014 )


• Chikomo, S. (2017) Outcomes of drug abuse on educational attainment in English: A case study of Grade 11 students at Education High School in Matlosana area of South Africa: Bachelor of Science in Counseling.

• Makhurane. L. (2015) Psychosocial effects of exposure to domestic violence on personality development: Evidence from a girl child school-based study at Mount Cabaret Primary School Degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology.

• Dladla, W. (2015) The efficacy of Cognitive therapy in Counseling male adolescent substance abusers: A case of Gwanda Urban: Bachelor of Science Honours in Counseling. 

• Ncube, T. (2014) unlocking dysfunctional marital conflict among Christian couples in Gwanda.   Bachelor of Science (Honour) in Counseling. 

• Sibanda, G. (2014) Effects of stress on the quality of performance of young soccer players in the Southern Region Second Division League: A case for Gwanda based players. Bachelor of Science (Honours) In Physical Education and Sport.

• Sibanda, T. (2014) Integration of children with mild mental retardation into the regular curriculum in Matobo District primary schools. Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

• Nyathi, S. (2013) Personality type as a predictor of job stress among rural school teachers in Gwanda North District, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology.

• Ndebele, R (2013) Vocational counseling for youth with disabilities: Investigating the efficacy of the vocational training program at the Riverside Collegiate in Bulawayo. Master of Science in Counseling, Zimbabwe Open University.

• Samanyanga, I. (2013) The quality of career counseling in the vocational training programmes to youths: The case of Phangani Vocational Training Centre in Matabeleland South Province. Master of Science in Counseling.

• Zhou, S. (2012) The efficacy of the special needs component in teacher training colleges. A case of Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic. Master of Science in Special Needs Education.  

• Sebata, U. (2012) Counseling practices in government opportunistic infection clinics: A case for people living HIV and AIDS and their families in Gwanda Urban, Master of Science in Counseling.






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